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                                                                                           Tel: 718.299.9033 | Fax: 347.297.3267

"It's the "MO" in TEZMO SECURITY that makes the the difference for me. Maurier "Mo" Winston has been handling security for me on the largest feature film projects in NYC for many years, and it is his good judgment, diplomatic demeanor and gentle nature that sets him apart from other security professionals that work in the industry. Security is one of those things that goes largely unnoticed on a production, except when the bill comes, or when there is a problem. Mo is good at anticipating the problems before they happen and preparing accordingly.

It is also evident that he treats his team fairly, therefore they value their jobs and take the work seriously. Mo and his team provides talent, as well as set security, resulting in a coordinated strategic effort that benefits the entire company, and makes everyone's job easier and safer. When providing security for talent, Mo selects his guards thoughtfully, and provides service that is attentive, discreet and professional."

-Rob Striem,
Location Manager
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